Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wahabi style massacres by Turkish Army in Kurdistan

Burned alive, beheaded... Sounds familiar? Sounds to DAESH. And that is exactly what "our NATO friend" Turkey is doing against its own (forced) citizens in Kurdistan:

Between 45 and 50 people were burned alive in one of the buildings, according to a local woman speaking to Whiteman. What is worse, many of the victims appear to have been cold-bloodedly beheaded by the Turkish troops, she said.

It's not just Cizîr‎ (Cizre in Turkish) but everywhere, also in the Northern capital Amed (Diyarbakır in Turkish), with a population of almost a million people:

Is this a new Armenian Genocide? A Kurdish Genocide in the making? Quite possibly, let's not forget that Erdogan has openly expressed his admiration of Hitler. 

“The objective of the Erdogan government is to completely have a genocidal campaign against the Kurds, because that’s what’s now occurring,” said Gregory Copley, editor of the journal Defense and Foreign Affairs. “This is now genocide, because the Turkish government has denied that there is any major military operation underway there.”

Erdogan and his growingly totalitarian Islamist regime are a terrorist force that is causing utmost grief in the territories of Syria, Iraq and Turkey itself, either via his puppet militias (Al Nusra, DAESH, etc.) or directly with the Turkish Army. He must be removed and made to pay for his crimes.


  1. And who will remove him?. Do you see anyone?.

    1. What I know is that Europe and the USA are cooperating with him, just like they did with Hitler. Those are the ones that can most directly get him ostracized and removed.

      We are walking again, not just in Turkey the shameful road that was transited in the 1930s and culminated in Auschwitz and Hiroshima. The "never again" has been forgotten and we face horrible risks, already causing devastating results.

      The Syrian Civil War is the Spanish Civil War of today, and Erdogan is the Hitler of our time, or at least one of them, let's not forget Saud and Netanyahu, his accomplices.

      And beware with what is happening in Europe also: Hungary, Ukraine and Poland have all fallen to fascism, in France the "socialists" have imposed a permanent state of emergency. And in the USA chances are that such a Hitler clone as is Donald Trump, who scares even someone as far to the right as Vicente Fox, will win elections (Rodham-Clinton has no fat chance, only Sanders could rally the masses to win against any republican but he's not imperialist enough for the regime, so he'd be assassinated soon).

      Fascism is here, with many masks, often crumbling as we speak. It is everywhere. And that is definitely very dangerous. Not for me: I'm old enough not to care much about my personal future anymore, but for the generality of Humankind.

    2. Fascism is here, with many masks

      When Chinese Government massacred Tibetans in 1959 , were they also wearing a mask?.

    3. I'm not talking about 1959, when I was not even born yet, but about today.

      Why do you try to divert the issue? I 200% support the independence of Tibet and all people-nations on Earth, and you?

    4. I'm not diverting the issue , I am just saying its always that strong countries take use of their powers over weak one or weak people, so it doesn't matter that you are communist, capitalist,racist, fascist or whatever. It has happened before and it will keep happening, I don't see an end.

      I am also a strong supporter of Tibetan Freedom .

    5. And what about Kashmir, Assam, etc.? It's easy to show solidarity when the oppressor is not your own state (or an ally maybe), it requires a special kind of courage and honesty when it is.

      In any case the point of the entry is to report and denounce ONGOING massacres, maybe genocide, against the Kurdish population, who are in theory "Turkish citizens" and who should be protected and not murdered by the Turkish Republic therefore.

    6. India didn't attack Kashmir or Assam did she? like China did in case of Tibet.

      In these matters I would let the people decide. But we should remember that sometimes they are driven by blind ambition i.e. like by separatist groups in Kashmir , do you think they will do any good for the people? they are mostly selling the idea for their own benefit and gain. But still I have faith in common Peoples choice , I think most of them understand the meaning and strength of unity in diversity and not led by blind faith or impractical ambition.

      In case of Kurdish murders as we are seeing yes its a noble thing to make people aware of these issues and its quite noble to do so, but the hard biting truth is that will not help those Kurdish people will it? or any other people who are the victims of similar situation will it?. We can only watch and see.

    7. Well, those courageous and honest mainline Indians do exist but it's not you.

      And yeah, India did invade Kashmir with the complicity of its tyrannical ruler, preserved by British colonialism and against the will of the majority of Kashmiris, who preferred either independence or union with Pakistan.

      In both cases: Kashmir and Assam, the relevant local peoples have never been allowed to decide, just as with Basques, Tibetans, etc. BTW most people would not agree that Tibet was independent before RPC's intervention: it was for international standards part of China. Not that I care about international mafioso conventions but a lot of people does.

      What I care is about the will of the peoples, about democracy.

    8. Re. Kurdish massacres: it is a small effort but a necessary one and, have no doubt, that remaining silent will not be of any help. Even if one can't stop Auschwitz, one must denounce it as vehemently as possible, in the hope that awareness will, one way or another, impede the worst, initiate a process of ostracism of the culprits and of legitimacy of those who oppose the bloody tyrants. There is no benefit in remaining silent; only laziness, cowardice and implicit complicity can explain it.

    9. Separatism isn't always the reflection of courage or the practical thing Maju.

      As I said I have faith in people of Kashmir or Assam and Tibet, they know what is the real situation and what is the best thing for them, they should be given the power to decide , but that should be done in a sporting manner.

      In Azad Kashmir I have seen many protesting over the Pakistani occupation also and have seen how Paki Military use force to subdue them brutally!.

      So ,if I were in command, I would have tried to have some series of Debate over the issue and evaluation of the situation i.e. what is fact and what is propaganda and then would try to manage a historical vote , in that people would have spoken their wish in the scientific and uninfluenced manner .

      Recently we saw that happening with Scotland , although skeptics say they were heavily influenced or even threatened to not leave UK.

      Maju, its important to get over propaganda and directly have the experience, I have done it, I want others to do the same...

  2. I told you its a noble thing to do so and I also encourage others to do so more and more and more!. But it will not affect whats going on, its beyond our grasp.


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