Thursday, February 11, 2016

My new Spanish-language blog

I recently initiated a new Spanish-language blog titled Bagauda, whose content is intended to be both on politics and anthropology (I just don't have enough to say for two separate blogs), for a more specific readership which often has difficulty using English.

So far all the content is on politics, so I'm only announcing it here. I will announce it in my other (anthropology-oriented) blog when I have produced something of that type of content, which I will no doubt unless utter incapacity stands on my way. 

It will have a European focus anyhow (I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable for most things American), mostly about issues affecting the Iberian Peninsula and whatever is related and no doubt with a Basque focus. Otherwise I'll keep publishing in English primarily.



  1. Great, another good source of news and analysis=)

  2. Thank for your interest, Raphael. Rather than news, I want to make analysis because it is most difficult to keep up with the daily overdose of information when you are just one person: that is best done by teams with some organization, and that is something that we in the Left must understand: analysis and opinions are personal, news coverage can only be properly done by substantial teams, in which tasks and working hours are split according to needs and capabilities (something very communist in fact).

  3. Great job Maju. I admire your argumentation, will power and persistency. Another agora to share your ideas in spanish may engage more "spaniards" at this moment of exciting political turbilences.


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