Saturday, November 14, 2015

On the wake of the Paris massacre

I woke up today with the horrible news of a brutal massacre in Paris. Seven coordinated terrorist attacks against the civilian population caused 126 deaths, 83 severely injured and 132 with lesser injuries. The attacks also caused the declaration of the state of emergency, the deployment of the army in the city and partial closure of borders.

The only possible reaction is that of anguish and rage. There is no coceivable justification for indiscriminate attacks against the civilian population, not even under conditions of war, being considered a war crime. These are crimes against Humankind and deserve our utmost rejection. 

Also there is no possible justification of any sort: the French Republic is not actively involved in Syria (some of the attackers cried "this is for Syria!") except verbally and, if anything, as NATO member and close collaborator with the USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey, it would covertly support the Islamists, using them only as poor pretext to attack the anti-Islamist forces of Damascus. 

I know that keeping lucidity under such powerful emotional stress is difficult but we must, no matter what. 

The analytic question qui bono? must be formulated and properly answered. My best answer so far is that such an attack is a strong push for greater French, European and NATO intervention in Syria, where DAESH terror is being used as pretext to attack the secularist regime of Damascus. 

A more logical reaction would be however to intervene against the totalitarian and authoritarian regimes that actively support Islamist terror, namely: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel, as well as repressing the hawkish factions in Washington and London, who do exactly the same.

Of course, that will not happen but it is the logical follow up.

Society can only be secular: let's fight against religious fanaticism everywhere because it is nothing but fascism.

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  1. Europe needs stronger borders. ISIS organized this attack and one of the terrorist was a very recent Syrian refugee. With 100,000s of Syrians coming into Europe it was only a matter of time before terror attacks.

    1. What Europe needs is more Assad and less Saudi royal dictators, Zionist genocidal troublemakers and full-of-themselves Turkish fascists. It's them who are feeding the Islamists with full approval and even design from Washington and other NATO centers. The refugees are largely fleeing from Islamist terror in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan: they are victims, not aggressors.

    2. Also the attackers spoke French and were either French or Belgian, not refugees but Europeans.

      2000 French Islamists have flown to Syria to rape and enslave women there (they are total psychopaths, not different from so many expatriates in Thailand or other sexual exploitation hubs), some 200 of them have returned. Not one was arrested. Why? Because the state and NATO are accomplices.


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