Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blogging and blog continuity

After my blogging vacations, I've been recovering my activity in both blogs but I had no clear yet how was I going to deal with this blog, the political one.

I believe that I have reached some sort of balance already: I am only commenting on really big things and filtering off a lot of interesting stuff that I just don't have enough time to dedicate, unless this was a paid job (and even then). The filter implies geographical inequality (I have some more intense focus on the Basque Country, then in Europe or the Euro-Mediterranean region and then on the rest of the World) but what I get to mention depends also of its intrinsic relevance, what is admittedly a subjective judgment.

So the blog continues but with less content. Hopefully, as I get attuned, quality of the content will also improve but it's not always easy with such a dynamic reality and the almost excessive amount of information we get on daily basis.

Additionally I have begun a column in English language on Basque news at Borroka Garaia Da! The first instance was published a few days ago → LINK.

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