Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spain attacks free media

Arrest of I. Moreno
The latest attack against the peace process by Spain has been the arrest and incommunication (= torture) of 10 people. The accusation: keeping us informed via Apurtu.org and being part of the ghostly police conjecture called Ekin (alleged continuation of KAS and HASI used as pretext to jail random activists).

The arrested are all from Navarre and Araba: Xabier Beortegi, Iñigo González, Iker Moreno, Gorka Zabala, Jon Patxi Arratibel, Koldo García, Miguel Ángel Llamas and Edurne Sauzo.

The feared Spanish Military Police corps (Guardia Civil) performed the arrests and registered many homes and association lonunges/taverns. The Inquisition (Audiencia Nacional) judge behind these arrests is again F. Grande-Marlaska.

Sources: Gara, Sare Antifaxista.

Update: I. Iriondo at Gara shows anger and worry, mixed with a lot of bitter sarcasm, at these arrests.

Questions 1:  where are the internauts and Anonymous? Isn't this worse than the "Sinde law" against free downloads? The only accusation against these arrested people is to feed an information web page... with contents that the government does not like (but technically legal in any case). This is enough to arrest a bunch of young people and send them to the torture chambers of the Spanish police, as they are tagged as somewhat or somehow vaguely related with ETA, all those "defenders of human rights" suddenly go silent.

Question 2: why did Spain waste so much money and efforts in arresting these few civilians. Nothing less than 50 military policemen were used for each one of the arrested! by the Guardia Civil and 22.5 agents for those arrested by the National Police The disproportion is totally absurd, as a mere patrol or two (2-4 agents) could have done that easily, saving taxpayers a lot of money. When are they going to cut in absurd police waste instead of pensions?

Iriondo believes that Spain is trying to split the Basque Nationalist Left. They speak of "either votes or bombs" but in fact they want both: some in the legal area legitimizing the occupation with their mere passive existence and others in the illegal area also legitimizing the occupation by means of their active resistance. He also believes that they will fail in such attempt.

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