Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 20: remembering the fallen revolutionaries

November 20 seems a wicked day at least in the context of the Iberian peninsula. For the fascists is the day when their leaders died but the antifascists have lost even more people in such a dark day.

One of those antifascist heroes fallen in Nov. 20 was Buenaventura Durruti, the militant anarchist leader who organized the column that attempted to liberate Zaragoza and that way save the Basque Country and his own homeland of Asturias from falling to the fascists. As they marched all was collectivized and grassroots democratic institutions were implemented in every village.

Narration less video-homage to Durruti:

On that same day but in 1984, physician Santiago Brouard, neighbor of my grandparents (both branches), was murdered at his office, which was part of his home, by state terrorists who pretended to be patients. 

Five years later on that same day, elect Basque deputy Josu Muguruza was murdered in Madrid by a fascist aggressor who effectively blocked their attempt to take part in the Spanish Parliament (until now if everything goes alright). 

Brouard (L) and Muguruza (R)
A homage was held today for both in Deustu cemetery[eu].

Other antifascists fallen in this day were, as I recalled last year, Spaniards Julián Acero and Aureliano Hernández, as well as Basques Ramón Andueza and Rufino González Barrigón.

Hopefully their fight was worth something. For what they were we are, for what we are they will be

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  1. Thank you for remember the importance of this date, this day, remember the martyrs of fascism, which is always the same masquerading under different names and colors.


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