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Echoes from the Class War (Nov 6): crackdowns agains protests that anyhow keep expanding through the World

Paris, Rome, Denver (see also this), Oakland (also this, and this), Richmond, Taiz, Homs, Rochester, Seattle, Washington D.C., New York City (also this march), Tulsa, the villages of Palestine and the boats of international solidarity with them... All these locations have suffered violent repression by the authorities in a desperate bid to suppress the legitimate rage of the People who just demands true democracy: the right to effectively decide on their present and future.

What does this tell us? That in all these places the People is fighting for their rights, gaining consciousness, weighting their collective power and the reality of the propaganda that speaks of democracy and freedom... They can measure the reality of that freedom in the batons of the police, in the scars left by the rubber bullets, in the risk for their lives for merely exerting their unquestionable human, civil and political rights.

These are not the only places where resistance against the Oligarchy arises however, in many other places the authorities have considered more prudent not to use violence in repression (as far as I know). Some are: Nice (although three arrests are reported as well), Frankfurt, Seoul, Tokyo, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Pittsburg, Chicago, Newtown, Palo Alto, Sana'a...

The World is really angry and is demanding a change of regime through the planet, real democracy now, including, specially, over the economy.

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In Other developments:


Basque Country

Spanish nationalists prefer to ignore death threats against Basque mayors ··> Gara[es].

Candidate for Senator in Navarre Joseba Compains attacked by police when he placed electoral posters ··> Ateak Ireki[es], Gara[es].

Joseba Compains, candidate for senator and victim of police brutality

Accused of membership in illegal political organizations Segi and Ekin denounce to have been forced to sign self-inculpations under tortures. Meanwhile police retained for hours their relatives as they traveled to Madrid for the trial ··> Ateak Ireki[es] (link 1, link 2).

Physicians alert of the extremely negative effects of Spanish prison regime for political prisoners. All suffer but some of the most affected are minors and people with serious illnesses ··> Gara[es].

Freed on bail the three ecologists who threw cream pies to Pamplona Mayor Barcina against High Speed Train project ··> SA[es].

Spanish Nazi supporters of Real Madrid football team wreak havoc in San Sebastian ··> SA[es].

Demonstration in Txantrea (Pamplona) in solidarity with victim of political persecution Josu Esparza ··> Ateak Ireki[es].

Funeral for Social Rights performed in Bilbao on Tuesday (All Saints, traditional day of visiting cemeteries) (pictured right) ··> Branka[es].

Lenin Eguna (Lenin's Day) celebrated again in Otxarkoaga (Bilbao) ··> SA[es].

Radioactive materials (cesium 137) detected in Arcelor Mittal manufacture in Zumarraga. It is allegedly a minor accident which is under control ··> Gara[es].


Social center Vyronas (Labidona) was closed by the mayor and then reopened by popular action ··> Contra Info.

Anarchists claim arson attacks against banks and church (huge speculator) ··> Contra Info.

As debt crisis grows, Greece remembers war indemnifications never paid by Germany ··> Daily Mail.


Assange loses appeal and will be extradited to Sweden ··> Al Jazeera.

Public servants to strike as government does not make decent offer ··> Morning Star.

Norman Finkelstein to visit the UK beginning tomorrow ··> Jews sans frontieres.

Ireland to close embassy in ghostly Vatican state (pretext: too expensive) ··> BBC.

West Asia


The Zionist colonial racist dictatorship deports the passengers of the flotilla of solidarity with Gaza ··> Gara[es].

The Zionist colonial racist dictatorship set to speed up building of settlements ··> BBC.

The Palestine state admitted as UNESCO member ··> Jews sans frontieres, PO.

See also above for protests and repression in Palestine, Syria and Yemen.


 Sudan takes rebel stronghold in Blue Nile state, struggle set to continue ··> Al Jazeera.



Catalino López (farmer member of MARCA) was murdered by security guards of capitalist René Morales ··> LINYM[es].

José Luis Remus Ramos, injured in the same attack died today ··> LINYM[es].

Canadian company Gold Corp Inc. accused of hiding information on contamination of children ··> LINYM[es].

Wikileaks exposes that the USA is behind terrorist landowner and food industry boss Miguel Facussé ··> LINYM[es].


Leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Alfonso Cano (pictured right), was killed in military attack ··> LINYM[es].


The United States of Mexico abandon all nuclear plans for fear of Fukushima-like accident, following the example of Italy and Germany ··> EneNews.

Japan nuclear catastrophe

The show must not end: government official allegedly drinks water from Fukushima reactors:

Sorry, Sonoda san, we do not believe in your pathetic performance. Fix the mess and stop being a clown.

The people of Japan (some of them at least) also does not believe you and is protesting, women have actually began camping before the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Radioactive debris arrived to Tokyo to be burned in the city. Materials dumped in bay measure 15 times the legal radioactive limit. But no big deal because the Government is already planning to move to Osaka.

Local government officials claim that it is the duty of the children to accept the radioactive debris and command the journalists to shut up

Nowhere is safe, complains Mochizuki, author of Fukushima Diary blog.

Maybe most importantly, the fact that they have started measuring things properly has opened some eyes and raised some eyebrows: different substance (sic) detected in Fukushima Dai Ichi, in addition to Xenon. TEPCO claims "spontaneous" and "natural" fission as cause of these materials. However Japan Times admits it is a grave situation, mentioning plutonium fission, and US experts agree that TEPCO claims of "natural fission" are most unlikely.

TEPCO will be... nationalized? Nope! It will be paid 8000 yens per citizen as prize for their disastrous mismanagement of the nuclear catastrophe.


Democracy has junk status. (Frank Schirrmaker at PressEurop, originally from Frankfurter Zeitung).

All eyes on Oakland as the struggle continues. (Donagh Davies at The Commune)

From the General Strike earlier this week

Why a Foreclosure Fraud Settlement is a RIDICULOUS Idea. (Matt Stoller at Naked Capitalism).

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