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Echoes from the Class War (Nov 13)

Just links today. Lots of them! Sorry about the simplified format (not too organized, little elaboration) but it saves me a lot of time.

It does seem like the Occupy movement is growing in Europe (England, France, Germany) and continues strong in the USA (in spite of repression) and Australia. It also seems like other struggles are gaining strength (students in Latin America and Britain, workers in Britain...)

But there is much more.


Occupy Cork, Cork City, Ireland, tent village protest 6 Nov 2011

Transport workers in Italy on strike to protest cutbacks

Occupy Newcastle

Anti-EU protest at the Acropolis

Monument to G. Elser (left), the communist worker who tried to kill Hitler[es]
London student protest 9 November 2011: Scuffles with police on new fetter lane

Paris, French Students Protest Against Government Austerity Policies

VIDEO BLOG: Cameron wants the NHS “to be a fantastic business” « sturdyblog

Nazi gang assaults free school Paideia in Spain[es]

Nice anti-G8 riots (videos) I

Nice anti-G8 riots (videos) II

Anoymous hacks a Nazi website forcing the resignation of a Finlander MP[es]

Agressions against Roma persist in the Czech Republic

BBC News - EDF fined for spying on Greenpeace nuclear campaign

In pictures: Occupy London protest swells - In Pictures

Muslims Against Crusades to be banned from midnight

RandomPottins: Police "kettled" electricians to prevent them joining students

Study: Respiratory problems at 700% previous levels, Hemorrhaging at 900% in areas contaminated by Chernobyl meltdown « ENENEWS.COM

Elevated radiation also in Germany, Sweden, Slovakia — UK expert claims iodine very unlikely from Fukushima since it was “so many months ago”

Warsaw Nazi riots[es]

German police follow Nazi track in Döner morden case (8 immigrants and some police agents murdered in 2006-07)[es]

AP: Anonymous IAEA official says iodine-131 release appears to be continuing across Europe « ENENEWS.COM

Radioactive Iodine Detected in Wide Areas of Europe Since Mid October Blog » British police accused of criminalizing protest Blog » Paris, France, Occupy La Defense

Radioactive Iodine Detected in Wide Areas of Europe Since Mid October

BBC News - Poland's Independence Day marred by clashes with police

Now Poland and Denmark report “radioactive dust” — IAEA official: “We are a little concerned”

BBC News - Italy crisis: Silvio Berlusconi resigns as PM

Portuguese protest austerity plans

Occupy Reichstag: Thousands march in Germany – ‘Occupy Germany’

Protests in Romania

Basque Country

The video recording of the arrest of four Navarrese has many blank unjustified minutes[es] (precisely at the moments they denounced tortures).

Navarrese young man jailed in Nice after being arrested in anti-G8 demo[es]

Belgian justice won't extradite Basque political refugee Ventura Tomé[es]

Spanish Nationalist leader in Basque Country, Basagoiti, rejects to compare "an excess in a police station" (i.e. systematic tortures) with the victims of "an illegitimate violence" (i.e. ETA's armed struggle)[es]

Solidarity protest with those arrested in Nice anti-G8 demos

Leitza town hall denounces the terrorizing presence of the Spanish Army[eu] (right)

ETA "will never be a threat to the process of political resolution" (interview with ETA)[es]

West Asia

Ilan Against the Wall: Palestine-Israel, Another week of joint struggle

Afghanistan mother and daughter stoned and shot dead

Syria death toll rises as violence continues

Israel launches new missile that can reach New York and Tokyo

Syria: Deadly crackdown continues, say activists

Yemen shelling 'kills 11' in Taiz as UN visits Sanaa

Israeli Jewish Students In Jerusalem Form Union With Palestinians Against Occupation-Apartheid


Arrests at new Occupy Wall Street protest

White House Protest Over Pipeline
Daily Kos: At least 2 of the "Black dressed masked protesters" were COPS

Police brutally arrest Occupy Riverside protesters

Riot Police Shoot Camera Man For Filming – Occupy Oakland

Occupy Wall Street Protest March on Broadway and Canal 11/7/2011

Dallas Calls for General Strike: Nov. 30th | Occupy Dallas

First amendment rights denied at Occupy Fresno

Protests in Washington against Police Not Investigating Cars Driving into Protesters (Nov 8, 2011)

Penn State Protest 11-8-11

BBC News - Mexico drugs war: Security forces 'committing abuses'

University of Michigan Students Stand Up for Gaza!

Police Bludgeon Peaceful Occupy UC Berkeley Protesters with Batons - Washington's Blog

INL Holds Press Conference About Plutonium Accident - KPVI News 6 - Pocatello, ID

Occupy California Protest at UC Berkeley

More Protesters Arrested At Occupy Sotheby’s Protest

More protests in Colombia over education reform

Occupy arrests in Ontario, Vancouver get reprieve

Chile Students Clash with Police Outside Congress

Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos contain carcinogens

Two deaths at Occupy camps in Oakland and Burlington

Emergency respone continues at INL sodium fire — All employees at complex ordered to remain inside buildings — Worker hospitalized with burns

Disidente del Capitalismo: Internationalization of struggle for education (from Chile to Colombia and Dominican Republic)[es]

At Least 38 Injured in Anti-mining Protest (Peru)

Hydrogen explosion at Idaho nuke facility (left)? INL Engineer: Sodium released hydrogen… the reaction “can range in magnitude from a flash to an explosion”

War veterans join #Occupywallstreet protests in NY – #OccupyVeterans

Riot Police Beat & Pepper Spray Innocent Bystanders & Protesting Students In Montreal

Police Arrest Occupy St. Louis Protesters

South Asia

A long battle against Indian 'army impunity'

East Asia

See also my recent entry on Fukushima's untold horror story (this week was intense in news from radioactive Japan)

Malaysian activists to protest for regime change if snap election is called

Growing concern over China's 'disappeared'

Greg Palast » Fukushima: They Knew (on how many Japanese and US nuclear power plants have been built under safety standards)

Japan Times: Official told of extremely bad conditions at Fukushima — Workers often abandoned after exceeding radiation limit « ENENEWS.COM

Former Tepco employee: Plutonium and uranium in Reactor No. 3 has all been blown out — This was no ordinary explosion — Gov’t is concealing truth (VIDEO)

Fukushima man reports seeing yellow flash when Reactor No. 3 exploded… from over 30 miles away (VIDEO)


Protest clashes

Occupy Sydney Protest


The Feds Knew: 50 years of fracking-induced earthquakes

Western black rhino declared extinct


Antifascist Calling...: A Precursor to War? As Washington Renews Military Threats Against Iran, Cyber Attacks Escalate

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