Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (NYC) attacked by police

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It seems that the time of batons and beatings has come to the USA in force. Yesterday I reported on the attacks against protest camps in the West Coast (Oakland, Portland) and today I must on those of the East Coast (New York City, Albany. 

Naked Capitalism reported hours ago that Zucotti Park, aka Liberty Square, was being raided with an update note on the pretext: cleaning the park (at midnight?)

According to Occupy Wall Street News, at 1:20 am local time police in riot gear with bulldozers showed up. People reacted chanting against the police state. Brooklyn Bridge and subway stations were closed. Pepper sprays were used liberally in the eviction.

People regrouped at Foley Square and by the Wall Street bull statue. 

A NYC councilor Ydanis Rodríguez was badly beaten (bleeding from the head) and arrested. 

It seems like the occupation continues in spite of all. See: LIVE STREAM

Update (9:00 GTM): police attacked the citizenry with tear gas an even a sound cannon (of the kind used in Somalian waters against pirates, go figure!). The exact situation is now unknown because the media is almost not allowed to approach and we all rely on Tweeter rumors and such.

These rumors say that people in the Zucotti Park kitchen resisted peacefully till the end, even after being gassed. An unconfirmed rumor talks of two people killed (totally unconfirmed at the moment). The main live stream is only available intermittently (haven't been able to see anything in half an hour maybe) but there is another one going on as Occupy Liberty.

The sound cannon

Update (9:20 GMT): Latest tweets suggest that people have effectively surrounded the police and will not allow the trash truck to leave with the tents and belongings. All I can say is that in order to surround such a huge police mass the citizen crowd must be in the many many many thousands... maybe millions.

Nice how these repressive attempt backfire even at midnight. Go New York! Go Working Class!

Another Live Stream, the other 99, (seems to be from the same street as Occupy Liberty just slightly different angle). It's Broadway it seems.

Update (10:30 GMT, five hours less in New York): Zuccotti Park is now fully "cleaned" and people seems to be heading to Fowley Square, further uptown Manhattan, where police is trying to evict people and a speech by Michael Moore is expected.

No clear how many people arrested or injured yet.

Update (17:15 GMT): A judge has issued a restraining order in theory forcing police to undo the eviction, i.e. to allow the people back in but also to return all belongings (which were destroyed and dumped into trash trucks). However police has ignored the order by the moment. More info in this and other matters at New York Times.

Update (21:00 GMT): Al Jazeera says 200 arrested.

Update (Nov 16): 


In related events, Albany occupation was attacked on Sunday, with reports of many arrests.

People in Portland (Oregon) have defended against the attempted eviction yesterday and set up a tent line just in front of the police line. It does not seem like the popular revolt is gong to be destroyed so easily. 

See also: Occupy Together.

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