Sunday, May 31, 2015

The unavoidable and forced bankruptcy of Greece: five days to go

On May 24, the Coalition of the Radical Left, SYRIZA, elected by the Greek People to lead the country beyond the Hell to which the so-called European Union and the IMF (in other words: the International Bankster Mafia) had doomed it, agreed by consensus to the statement titled May hope prevail in Greece and Europe.

The party of common sense, which enjoys massive and growing support, in Greece admits that salaries and social needs must have priority over lenders' demands what means in practical terms that, unless the EU and the IMF turn around in the next few days, what they won't, Greece will de facto go into bankruptcy on June 5th. Very possibly, as the EU is not helping in any way, that will also mean switching to a national currency and a more active state intervention in the economy. Greece will go "Bolivarian", they are given no alternative.

They have tried though to find some other less radical way out of the debt trap but the only goal of the banksters who control the undemocratic institutions of the European Union (soon to be disunion) are only interested in sucking the blood of Greeks and removing the red government. It is not working because they are only pushing Greece towards a more radical path and, meanwhile, rallying the Greek People around Syriza. My worst fear, which was a Béla Kun moment, is not going to materialize: the stand of the EU and the IMF is backfiring.

The statement is clear: the oligarchs, too often enemies of Greece, will have to pay if they wish to continue operating in Greece:

The opponent however, is not only outside, but also within the walls. The oligarchy that was favoured and strengthened during the past 25 years, saw its power sky-rocket through the policies of extreme austerity and the deregulation of the labour-market during the 5 years of the memoranda. The outcome of the struggle against this oligarchy will be the judge of both the new government and SYRIZA as such.

This struggle aims to establish a radically different social and economic model, which will be based on the redistribution of wealth, the promotion of equality, solidarity, the respect of public property, the support for the common goods, the support for wage labourers, and the respect for the environment. That is why it faces fierce reaction. The power block of the oligarchs has cast away its mask of “impartiality” for some time now, and has undertaken the confrontation with the government without political mediators and without pretexts. The daily attacks we face by the media of complicity (both print and electronic) are far from accidental.

However, SYRIZA has proven countless times in the past and continues to prove in practice that it disregards propaganda and intimidation, because it has absolute trust in the judgment of the Greek people. It is time thus, for the oligarchs to understand it for good: The time has come for them to dig into their own pockets. The time has come to pay taxes, to pay their bank loans, to pay for the TV frequencies they have been using so long free of charge, to pay just as the law prescribes and just as every single Greek citizen has been paying out of his/her own meager savings. The time has come for them to pay what they haven’t been paying for all these years. Despite their propaganda against us, we will claim our rights and we will bring justice one way or another. We have before us four years minus four months of government to do it.

The time of reckoning has come for Greece. But this is only the first step, the rest of Europe is next in line.

By the moment let us show our solidarity with the Greek People, because their struggle is our struggle, the struggle of Humankind.


  1. Greece will de facto go into bankruptcy on May 5th
    Te has equivocado de mes, Maju.


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