Thursday, May 28, 2015

The clowns have gone hysterical: bolivarians, soviets, "democracy" and the great coalition

Aguirre's discourse according to some Twitter.
Aargh... Castro-Chavism! Uuurgh... Soviets!
I must say that Spanish politics have suddenly become quite interesting, funny even, dangerous maybe. 

It was the ousted mayor of Valencia Rita Barberá who first proposed the great coalition (tories + labor, PP + PSOE) in order to keep the "radicals" of Podemos, the popular lists and other similar coalitions (Compromís in the case of Valencia) from reaching power and putting upside down the post-fascist constitutional status-quo, which at the age of 40 is already rather senile and not just menopausic. 

That would allow her to keep her seat, her mafia network and her infamously expensive purses. 

Now her party colleague, Esperanza Aguirre, alias Espe, former Minister of Culture under Aznar, mocked for her ignorance, former President of Madrid region who had to resign on a espionage scandal, former partner of Rita and others in the plundering of people's pockets with the Bankia affair, and former and also frustrated last-minute candidate by her oh-so-reactionary party to the post of Mayor of Madrid, capital of the Kingdom worldwide famous for its abhorrent fictional characters like Don Quijote, the naive romantic madman, and El Lazarillo, the pragmatical con-man, has proposed exactly the same. 

Well, oops, I blinked and she has changed her mind already: what she has now proposed is an even greater coalition including the popular list Ahora Madrid but without any of their programatic proposals. In other words: well, kids, we will welcome you to the world of the political mafia but you must renounce to everything. 

Very particularly she now seems concerned about preserving the purity of "Western democracy", which happens only on a magical day in which dreaming is allowed, followed by four years of capricious and usually painful dictatorship, and standing firmly against "Bolivarian democracy" and the formation of "soviets", i.e. participative institutions to control and inspire those who hold power.

She wants to be allowed to perform in the carnival of lies that they call "electoral campaign" and then not to be democratically controlled about her keeping of her own promises of choice, let alone the possibility of being recalled from office on grounds of betrayal of the program under which she was elected (well, not this time). 

She thinks that politicians are not public servants but mostly illusionist-clowns who perform to distract the masses from the real issues while, right on our faces their perform the oldest trick of their profession once and again: See this electoral promise? Now you see it, now you don't! Tachaaan! See this public money that was supposed to be used for the common good? Now you see it, now it is a purse! Not any common purse but a very expensive one of course.

But I lie: the one who first proposed this grand coalition, at least as far as I know, was not Rita Barberá, let alone La Espe. I must confess that I am the guilty one. I'm really sorry but I could not resist: it was just soooo predictable!

But wait: isn't the PSOE actively flirting with Podemos and the popular lists? Well, of course they are. Another thing is what will happen in the end. The most clear example we have in Andalusia, where the PSOE, most voted party but without majority, has been unable to form government two months after elections because of fear of losing its brand distinctiveness if they ally with the PP but inability to accept the "red lines" of Podemos in order to earn their support. They have also been unable to call for new elections, fearing even worse results. 

And Susana Díaz, the leader of the PSOE in Andalusia, caretaker President and candidate to the presidency as well, is rather to the left inside the PSOE, so I make no sense whatsoever of this liberal decadent party, totally integrated in the power structure of NATO since too long ago, joining forces with Podemos and similar forces and accepting and implementing at least significant aspects of their program. 

Let's face it: they are not serious, they are just doing their illusionist-clown job. See this possibility of real change here? Now you see it, now you don't. 

My prediction is the following: the PP and the PSOE will form a national pact of some sort in order to keep Podemos and the popular lists outside of power in all possible institutions (there are some they can't really block, like Barcelona or Navarre). However doing that is a huge risk for the PSOE particularly: the risk of becoming the Spanish PASOK and being erased from the political spectrum. It is true that there are some other great coalitions at work in Europe, notably the German one, but not in a place where a Real Left alternative is strong. So the Spanish case is most similar to that of Greece and the leaders of the PSOE and many others know it. 

However their subservience to the NATO regime is so total that they will almost certainly still do it. But not so bluntly as Rita and Espe want: they will try to keep some sort of appearance, some pretext, some kind of "pedagogic PR exercise" that allows them to save face, or at least try. 

One of these "pedagogic" tricks is to pretend to try their hardest to reach a coalition with the Real Left forces and then declare that such alliance is impossible because of their radical demands. Of course they would love it if the popular lists or Podemos renounced to the essence of their program, which includes consulting their militants and the general public about any possible pact and decision, but that's quite unrealistic, so most likely they will try to put the blame on the "radicals" for forcing them to an "anti-natural" (but so natural in fact) alliance with the tories. 

Another such "pedagogic" trick that they will claim as price for their alliance is almost surely the calling of snap general elections before Summer (or in early Summer). Why? Because that way they can grant themselves four years of impunity for most institutions (still to come Galician, Basque and Catalan elections but those are hopelessly lost for them anyhow, at the very least the Catalan ones).

So this is my sad forecast: great coalition, more of the same (detail up or down) for the next four years. But not yet, first the clowns must perform their show.

At the very least we will have some laughs. Well, we are having them already. The tears will come later. 

Ah, I forgot about another of those reactionary dames of the Spanish Brandy Party (they don't drink much tea over there, really, that's further north: in Thatcherland), our very ousted President of Navarre Yolanda Barcina! She's even more hysterical than her PP colleagues because she has no hope whatsoever (unless the Army intervenes or the Four Horsemen arrive one of these days), because the PSOE is totally irrelevant in the pacts to be held in Navarre. According to her, these last elections are only equivalent to those that brought Hitler to power (mind you that with the support of all the German right-wing parties but whatever). It would seem that, instead of cider and beer, and some good Navarrese wine, Basques now prefer those boring torch marches and they may even be preparing their own version of the "final solution" for all those pro-Spanish: Basque language academies, oh, the horror!

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