Saturday, May 9, 2015

Scottish nationalists win with a socialist program, Labor loses with a liberal one

British election results (Daily Mail)
In spite of the extremely poor representation score of the Anglosaxon electoral system of winner-takes-all, something good has arisen in that pretense of elections the United Kingdom has held: the Scottish National Party has come out as the great winner, getting 56 of the 59 seats of the Northern country. 

Why? Because they were the only meaningfully different electoral option and those who could vote for them, Scots, massively did so. Just check the programs:
  • UKIP: austerity: yes, militarism: yes
  • Tories: austerity: yes, militarism: yes
  • Liberals: austerity: yes, militarism: yes
  • Labor: austerity: yes, militarism: yes
  • SNP: austerity: no, militarism: no
The SNP hence became within the narrowness of the British political system, the only party having a socialist and truly "labor" program, up to the point that some people in England asked if they could vote for the SNP! 

The SNP are not "radicals" (I wish), they are just standing close enough to the heart of the Scottish people in the key issues to rally their votes: they are the common sense party, something that seemingly does not exist anymore south of the Tyne. So in England the Tories won but any other result would have been equally meaningless. The Tories just exploited the English nationalism better than the other parties, even than UKIP, while Labor is totally unable to rally the discontent masses with a program that is so similarly anti-worker, anti-people, as that of their posh rivals. 

Liberalism is out, socialism is in, that's the message of these elections. Another issue is if socialists in England can manage to get their wits together and defy the reactionary Labor Party.

Update (May 17): Northern English wanting to be Scots. 

I mentioned above that some people in North England wanted to be able to vote SNP. Well, it's not just "some people": a viral movement has emerged since the vote in Northern England against Tory and "London-centric" dominance by Southern England. Some ask to join a would-be independent Scotland, others to create a Northern Republic, tens of thousands are signing manifestos and even waving the Scottish flag deep into English territory. Slogans range from "scrap Trident, fund the NHS", denounces of the pedophile mafia among English MPs. Oddly enough, Scottish reaction has been generally sympathetic.

Twitter: #TakeUsWithYouScotland
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