Monday, February 3, 2014

Spain: police brutality in Valladolid causes brain stroke to a woman

This is the result of the national convention of the ruling party in Spain, the ultra-reactionary heir of Fascism Partido Popular. There are other injured citizens, as well as many arrested, but Encarna Arias, 56, is the one in the worst situation, suffering from a brain stroke caused by police beatings. 

In the last day of the political act, a demonstration of unemployed people (almost 30% of the workforce is in such situation) marched by a restaurant where some neofascist delegates were eating. One of them insulted the protesters, stirring their verbal reaction. This was the moment when police first attacked, trying to arrest some of the demonstrators, what was actively prevented by the crowd, being then massively attacked by dozens of riots policemen, who beat and arrest them at whim. 

It was apparent that some of the demonstrators were being actively identified by the masked police agents, much as it happened in the infamous ideological cleansing time of the Civil War, when hundreds of thousands were identified as "reds" by their fascist neighbors, murdered and buried in some forgotten roadside. 

Among the victims of the police brutality were many people with discapacities.

Sources[es]: Ultimo Cero, Webguerrillero (incl. video).

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the clearly growing unrest in the failed state of Spain. In the last weeks alone there have been several riots, some of which have resulted in localized victories of the masses, with police having to run away in fear or controversial projects having to be stopped on concerns of international credibility. Interestingly many of the last conflicts have happened in the traditionally conservative areas of Castile, usually more loyal to the state (but not anymore it seems). 

The overall situation is hard to evaluate but I'd say that it's growingly chaotic if we add up the growing protests and riots, the active separatism in Catalonia especially and in general the popular desperation, mostly organized at grassroots level (the so-called "15M Movement"). To all this the regime has responded only with extremist unilateral measures which only benefit the big capitalists and their own extremist ideology (anti-abortion law), as well as with the reinforcement of police and establishment of internal military intervention plans (against Catalonia or against anyone else who dares to challenge the plutocrats),  leading more and more to a situation similar to that of Turkey. 

The scheduled local and general elections are still more than one year away and, barring surprises, they should lead to a coalition government of all the (very weakened) regime's parties (traditionally acting as opposition of each other but not anymore), as has already happened in Greece, Italy and Germany, where conservatives and "socialists" (liberals) have formed joint governments to protect the interests of the Big Capital.

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