Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fascism kills three more in Latin America

In Honduras they killed Justiniano Velásquez, brother of the mayor of San Francisco de Opalaca (a Lenca community), who locally leads the struggle for democracy and Native rights and self-rule. Comrade Justiniano was apparently kidnapped and then killed by some sort of death squad.

In Venezuela the fascists killed two more people by means of deadly cables hang at the height of the neck, which caught two moped riders with deadly results: Santiago Enrique Pedroza and Delia Elena Lobo Arias in separate incidents. These two innocent victims add to the body count of the fascist uprising in Venezuela, where they have already killed at least other two people: one of their own, a former Miss, who was shot by "friendly fire" according to her friends, and also a worker who marched in a pro-government demo. More people, including workers and police agents, have also been injured. 

Fascist death trap

Sources[es]: LINyM, Webguerrillero.

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