Monday, February 24, 2014

Spain attacks the verifiers of the unilateral Basque "peace process"

Some members of the International Verification Commission
As you may know the Basque guerrilla ETA, which announced its unilateral and definitive abandonment of armed struggle two years ago, has recently gone forward one step further with a disabling of some weapons (for the cameras) and weapon stores, step verified by international personalities and broadcast by international media such as the BBC. 

The only response of the Spanish government has been to ask the political tribunal of fascist creation Audiencia Nacional (aka The Inquisition) to require these verifiers to declare, with the implicit threat of prosecuting them. 

This is similar to the peace board of Oslo months ago, which was also unilaterally sabotaged by Madrid, who seems the only part not interested in peace. 

Some of them, South African Ronnie Kasrils and Finnish Ram Manikkalingam, who were present in the video of the agreement with masked ETA representatives, as well as Irish Chris Maccabe, have been already forced to declare before the political court. Dutch Fleur Ravensbergen and Ecuatorian Aracelly Santana have also been demanded to declare but have not done it yet.

They explained that, since the unilateral permanent ceasefire by ETA, the armed organization has kept strictly to its word.

We are experienced professionals and we do believe that it is a true opportunity for peace, they emphasized.

They did not explain exactly what kind of questions did the judge ask them but it was expected that they would be asked to provide the identities and localization of the members of ETA who signed the deal with them. It is unknown if they did say anything.

However the verifiers are expected to meet in Aiete (Southern Basque Country, under Spanish occupation) this very week and then we will see the real extent of Spanish Imperialist madness. The presence of three highest profile personalities, Jonathan Powell, Bertie Arhen and Jerry Adams, is confirmed for this meeting, in which they will offer a declaration of support to the disarmament deal.

The initial denounce was instigated by COVITE, one of several pseudo-associations of "victims of terrorism", typically linked to the Spanish Far Right (PP, UPyD and such). The police union SUP is also demanding that the verifiers are prosecuted for "collaboration with terrorism". In any case the request comes from the State Attorney and is therefore directly induced by the Spanish Government (PP). 

Madrid got the support of the quite authoritarian French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, who declared that "this is not any peace process but just fight against terrorism".

Sources: Gara[es/eu], Naiz Info[es].

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