Friday, February 21, 2014

Antiterrorist law against ecologists: Italy leads the way to Fascist Europe

Four activists of the NO-TAV movement (against the high speed rail in the Alps) have been charged with "terrorism" for allegedly sabotaging a compressor in the works. 

There were no personal damages no risks whatsoever nor there is any armed organization behind the sabotage for all we know. However the suspects (so far the evidence is weak if any) are not being prosecuted by regular law but instead have been charged under the anti-terrorist law, whose draconian measures are obviously meant for much more extreme circumstances. 

This means that they are in prison without rights and that the penalty they face if found guilty is very high. 

This kind of over-extension of the anti-terrorist laws is becoming more and more common. Recently we learned that in the most fascist state on Earth, Saudi Arabia, now even murmuring against the King or the institutions will be considered "terrorism". 

But in Europe also this tendency is becoming more common, not necessarily under "terrorism" laws but in any case political activism is being generally criminalized to an extent hardly ever known before. In Spain the new fascist laws imposed by the government mean that the police can arbitrarily fine all kind of activism, such as using mobile phones to call for demos or protesting before the home of a public representative, with figures that are hardly payable for most working class citizens. Being administrative sanctions you cannot even exchange them for time in prison and instead they will be taken from your personal bank accounts without effective possibility of appeal (as resorting to tribunals now has to be paid in advance). 

In Italy it seems obvious now, they are adopting the Saudi way of repression: applying "anti-terrorist" measures to all kind of political activism.

Beware because this is meant to spread through the continent state by state, law by law, trial by trial, to every corner, dramatically reducing to near nothingness the political freedoms that some used to take for granted. 

Even more worrisome than the advance of openly fascist political parties is this backdoor fascism, implemented by the so-called "democrats", i.e. bourgeois parties. 

Source and more info: Struggles in Italy (link 1, link 2).

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