Friday, January 31, 2014

Ukraine: great concern as fascists squads threaten nuclear plants

I haven't commented until now on the growing conflict in Ukraine because I really don't like either side to begin with but also (and relatedly) because the information arriving is very confuse, with most media reports idealizing their favorite side (the protesters if Western media or the government if Russian and some other media). 

But something that has become clear in the last weeks is that the fascist organization "Right Sector", whose red and black banner has nothing to do with similar designs of Anarchists nor American revolutionary movements, has been getting more and more prominence, much as the Islamist terrorist groups did in Syria. This is a clear signature of the "revolution" not being as popular as it might seem and of foreign powers and special interests financing and promoting at least some elements in it. 

Regardless of who is behind the fascists, one thing is clear: these are a most dangerous phenomenon that must be opposed by all means necessary. Once the fascists are on your side we cannot but oppose you, therefore right now Yanukovich looks as the lesser evil, just as Al Assad is in Syria. 

It is notorious that the street conflict, initially peaceful but soon co-opted by the violent fascist movement, began not on social issues but on the colonialist association treaty that the EU attempted to impose on Ukraine, which was rejected by Kiev. The whole movement has enjoyed the support of the most reactionary of the Western establishment, including US Senator John McCain, as well as German and Polish conservative politicians.

But the most recent developments are extremely worrisome. The fascists have not just assaulted government buildings but are also threatening to take over nuclear power plants, what is an extreme risk for all Europe and the World. Naturally the government has stepped up security in the threatened facilities and so far no incident has been reported but everything seems possible. 

The dangerous situation again highlights how perilous are these sources of energy: in stable times they have already caused two or three extremely poisonous catastrophes but in times of upheaval (and we are in them) the already unaffordable risks become just ridiculously extreme. Nuclear energy is a most real and direct threat to the very existence of Humankind (as well as of many other species).

Sources: Energy News (with links to various media from around the World), Webguerrillero[es] (link 1, link 2).

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