Thursday, December 2, 2010

In hunger strike before Banco Santander to resist unjust foreclosure

Winter is harsh also in the Mediterranean. In spite of this, José Luis Burgos, invalid because a combination of childhood poliomyelitis and severe scoliosis developed in adulthood, has been forced to retake his hunger strike (an earlier one was dropped because of health complications) in this cold and wet weather.

He has got his wheelchair and a banner and gave the largest bank of Spain a letter stating why he had to go into such a protest. When he signed his mortgage and private pension plan, this one included incapacity but now the bank claims he scammed them because he did not declare his incapacity (which was then only mild). He protests that he had to go through all the medical analysis like anybody else and that his prosthesis were something obvious in any case.

Tribunals have sided with the banksters but he is determined for justice to prevail in spite of all. He has nothing to lose, I guess. 

I understand that this image speaks volumes of what is going on now in Europe and all NATOland: an armed robbery of the weakest sectors of society in favor of a few gangsters who pretend to be businessmen. It has no other name! And it has only one solution: guillotine!, this time for the banksters.

Source: La Haine[es]

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