Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From Kennedy's murder to 9/11

Why was US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) murdered in 1963? This never fully clarified matter seems to be directly related to the rise of the Military-Industrial Complex and its associated Secret Services conspiracies, against which his predecessor Eisenhower (whose vice-president was Nixon!) warned in his farewell address. 

Recently I found myself defending Kennedy as the last US statesman for the simple fact that he was able to understand that, in order to prevent violent resolution of social conflicts peaceful avenues of solution had to be generated, that if you keep the pot at max. fire and capped, a little boiling disaster will come to your kitchen.

It seems that his stature and therefore his internal enemies were even larger. 

I must say that I'm no fan of Kennedy: it was under him that the blockade against Cuba began and he was not able to control his secret apparatus. But at least he tried and that cost him dearly. 

That is precisely what Andrew Gavin Marshall explores in his latest article at Global Research: The National Security State and the Assassination of JFK. The CIA, the Pentagon and the 'Peace President'

What he outlines has tremendous repercussions on how later US (and therefore global) history would evolve. Since JFK's murder the Secret State took over the USA in an every day firmer grip, which culminated in the self-attack of September 11 2001 and the permanent state of emergency (allowing for warrantless arrests, searches and eavesdropping of citizens and foreigners alike) in place since that date. 

In a related article with a more recent focus, also at Global Research, Peter Dale Scott, explains how the Secret State evolved since Reagan. Ronald Reagan was after all, when still Governor of California, who chose Col. Louis Giuffrida to become part of his team, eventually leading to his promotion to chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Reagan had noticed Giuffrida after he wrote an essay proposing the forced internment of millions of Afroamericans in concentration camps, à la Hitler.

Read the full analysis at the original article by Scott: Continuity of Government: Is the State of Emergency Superseding our Constitution?

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