Thursday, June 19, 2014

Map of factional control in Iraq (and nearby parts of Syria)

Map of factional control in Iraq and parts of Syria:

The map is based on: 
Notice please that by labeling certain countries as supporting the terrorists or the legitimate governments I am just stating the obvious in terms geopolitic. I have no sympathies whatsoever for the Islamic regime of Iran nor for any fascists of any religion nor whatever other shade but right now, the Fascist Islamist terror in the area is being clearly supported by the US imperial forces, including by Washington itself in spite of all the ambivalent blah-blah. 

One question may arise here: who supports the Kurds? Nobody but themselves in general terms. It is true that they are currently in unstable symbiosis with the central authorities of Syria and Iraq but otherwise they are on their own. Also they are the most respectable of all factions without doubt.


  1. What do the lightning bolts stand for?

    1. Recent or ongoing battles between the ISIS and other forces.


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