Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Greece: thousands of prisoners join hunger strike

Specifically: 3860, 35% of the inmate population (10,983 according to Novinite)

Details (from Contra Info):
  • Koridallos, Athens: 1,300 inmates
  • Patras: 550 inmates
  • Grevena: 400 inmates
  • Larissa: 300 inmates
  • Alikarnassos, Chania, Crete: 280 inmates
  • Domokos (where the Greek State intends to establish the first maximum security prison): 4 wings; that is, 240 inmates
  • Amfissa: 200 inmates
  • Corfu: 120 inmates
  • Trikala: 120 inmates
  • Malandrino (one of the toughest prisons; also where Ilir Kareli took the life of a miserable torturer-guard): 120 inmates
  • Avlonas (juvenile prison): 100 inmates
  • Nigrita, Serres (where prisoner Ilir Kareli was recently murdered by torturers-guards): 80 inmates
  • Nafplion: 50 inmates

Their demands, as mentioned previously, are:
We demand:

1) The withdrawal of the fascist bill for type C prisons. We say no to the Greek Guantanamo, a prison within a prison, without furloughs, without visitations, without tomorrow…

2) Furlough and parole should be an undeniable right of all prisoners. Greece is the only country where the inmate undergoes trial and punishment every single day. While the law dictates that anyone who has served 1/5 and 3/5 of his/her sentence can be granted days of leave from prison and provisional release, respectively, prisoners are obliged to pass again and again from the holy inquisition of prison prosecutors, who deny the requests one after the other without any grounds or pending disciplinary action. This is how they create desperate prisoners and reproduce criminality.

3) To apply equity before the law for all. All prisoners sentenced to life in prison for drugs according to the old law 3459/2006 (because the police made sure they are portrayed as alleged drug lords, instead of addicted users) should have the right to get a retrial in accordance with the new law and its beneficiary provisions for drug users (4139/2013).

4) To apply the right of conjugal visits. In prison they deprive you of your freedom. But in Greek prisons they deprive you even of the smile of human communication and direct contact with your loved ones. Conjugal visits are permitted in prisons of all European countries; an inmate is being deprived of human communication only in Greece.

5) To end, now, the continuous captivity of those facing deportation. Hundreds of imprisoned migrants remain locked up due to bureaucracy of embassies, even though they have served their full sentence. We demand the immediate release of these prisoners.

We demand that the ministry of Justice deal with the real problems in prisons and immediately withdraw the fascist bill for the Greek Guantanamo of Domokos prison.

The minister of Justice is to be held responsible for every day of hunger strike and every prisoner whose life is in danger.

Prison Struggle Committee

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