Monday, June 16, 2014

A song from the Southeast (of Ukraine)

A bit of way too pop for my taste but at least it begins with rhythms from The Clash. The lyrics are quite cool anyhow and reflect the difficult struggle of the Southeastern Ukrainian Antifascists against the rebirth of Nazi terror in Europe. This is not just their struggle: it is something that unavoidably affects all Europeans and even beyond.

Translated lyrics:


My head is broken by disturbing dreams...
the air smells to civil war.
Nervous, they hit me, hammering...
a name jumps to the headlines: Southeast!

It is hard to fight cold and heat...
after so many years of hard work... we went backwards,
always controlled, there is no more time
grabbing a gun, the Southeast arises!

After the mad hope... there is a desperate cry,
miner rage... for the empty pockets,
how different to what books preach,
if we create soviets, partisans will come!

Any person, via Internet, far away or close by, 
will transmit... from the heart:
Peace in the cabins, peace in the huts,
war, war, war to the palaces!

Crawling in its tomb again, the brown plague, 
came to the streets... blowing up the homes,
filling with the temples with carmine blood,
the Brest fortress is now the Southeast!

The thieves of the World want to eat,
gulping the peoples... in sandwiches for dinner,
but they have a knot in their throats and cannot swallow:
the path is blocked to the shameless ones, in the Southeast!

Day and night they stand guard,
full of illussions, of fears... tired of tricks and deceit,
but these people make history by themselves,
if we create soviets, partisans will arise!


Believe me: borders are not so important
and what we have here is not paradise,
but the memory of the fallen that once lived here,
warms us up for struggle and to live today this way.

For each of them, for the comrade and brother,
let us put a knee on the ass of the fattened rats,
the date of the outcome is coming, its deadline.
The paths are being opened towards the Southeast!


Map of the antifascist Southeast, showing approximate zones of control

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

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