Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mexico exploding: Army and narcos join forces against popular self-defense, several killed

Mexico is a boiling cauldron about to explode. In fact it is exploding as I write this. After two successive fraudulent Presidential elections and the absolute "colombianization" of the country at the hands of US-sponsored mafias, with full connivance of the Mexican state, the whole country is in deep unrest. Last year alone there were more and more numerous protests, often with violent clashes, than in the whole previous decade, in several states guerrillas are active again. 

One of the hot spots is Michoacán, just West of Mexico City. In this state the citizenry, absolutely fed up by the violent chaos caused by the mafias and the passivity or outright collaboration of the state apparatus, has organized its own militia, the so-called autodefensas, to fight against the mafias, notably the Knight Templars cartel. 

Some autodefensas with their main ideologue, Dr. Mireles

This week the Mexican state showed its true face by sending the Army against the popular militias and shooting indiscriminately against the unarmed populace. The information is confuse but at least five people have been killed, one of them an 11 years-old girl. 

A militiaman killed by the Army in Antúnez
Among the reports, it has become evident that the Army is actively collaborating with the Knight Templars narcos. In the town of Antúnez (Parácuaro, a Templar stronghold), the army shot against unarmed civilians, injuring at least 11, but they also observed, tolerated and supported direct armed attacks by the mafia. A local militiaman declared:
"They [the Templars] shot us with an RPG, a Chinese baton, that barrickade was destroyed by the impact but the comrades managed to escape and thanks God there were no casualties".

Both attacks [one by the Army and the other by the mafiosi], he states, were witnessed by a military helicopter, which flied over the area without intervening in defense of the citizenry.

"And the soldiers, instead of landing to support us, are flying over the area with their guns drawn, civilians are scared".

Whatever happens it is clear that the autodefensas will not give up arms: too many abuses in the past and the fear of revenge in the future absolutely impede such an outcome. 

In fact they area already taking over other towns, such as Coahuayana.

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Update (Jan 16): The Mexican Army is sending heavy armored vehicles to Michoacán to protect the narcos and fight against the popular self-defense militias. Video:

Update (Jan 17):

Unarmed autodefensas and civilians effectively blocked the Mexican Army from entering Buenavista after funeral for Alfredo López Flores, killed by the Army in Nueva Italia.

The militia of Michoacán claims to have 25,000 armed members.

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