Friday, October 4, 2013

Spain: bomb attack against iconic church

A small home-made bomb exploded yesterday in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza causing some damages. Unlike it was reported initially, there were warning calls to the media and temple authorities 10 minutes before the explosion. 

The bomb was made of a camping-gas cylinder surrounded by gunpowder but without shrapnel. The device is very similar to the one used months ago against the Cathedral of La Almudena of Madrid, which did not explode.

The attack has been claimed by the Commando Mateo Morral, which is believed to have anarchist ideas. Mateu Morral was a Catalan anarchist who, in 1906, attempted to kill King Alfonso XIII with a bomb hidden in a bunch of flowers. 

In their communication, available at the Spanish edition of Contra Info, they accuse the Catholic Church of being a pillar of oppression indistinct from the State-Capital and, in particular this Basilica of being a centerpiece of the fascist iconography, visited often by dictator Franco and Pope Jean Paul II. They underline that Our Lady of the Pillar (Virgen del Pilar) is patroness of Hispanity (i.e. the Spanish or Castilian Empire) and of the much feared military police corps Guardia Civil, being a favorite temple of the Fascist and Christian Fundamentalist dictatorship of Franco and the resting place of capitalist cardinal Juan Soldevilla.

They claim that with this action they mean to warn visitors that fascist icons like this one are not anymore safe.

Update: the communication now also available in English

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