Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peoples' struggles, repression, sin, brainwashing and sado-masochism

Borroka Garaia Da! (It's Time of Struggle!) publishes today an article[es], in which they criticize the criminalization of Herrira and of all Basque society. Not surprisingly I quite agree with it, so I will outline, first of all, the eight notes in synthetic form:
  1. The locally ruling EAJ-PNV acts as accomplice, including police brutality, and probably knew in advance of the raid.
  2. The hyped declarations of Eguiguren, figurehead President of the local branch of the Spanish Imperialist party PSOE, are meaningless, considering what his party actually has done (and will surely do in the future).
  3. Where are international human rights watchdogs like Amnesty International?
  4. Repressive strategy is planned, not accidental. This should not be so "unexpected".
  5. You can't block a road with no traffic, you can't sabotage a peace process that does not exist at all. Wishful thinking is not reality: reality is a war against the Basque People. No new time has begun yet. As long as the goal is peace and not liberation, the State can keep the pressure.
  6. Repression is independent of the actions of the oppressed. If the oppressed ones come to believe that repression has any relation whatsoever with their actions they will fall in a deadly trap of manipulation. I'll discuss this point below, because I believe it is very much central. 
  7. The myth of the new time is just that: a myth. Neither Basque Nationalist forces have come together, nor repression has ceased at all, nor internationalist solidarity has increased, nor the economy has improved, nor there is any peace. The prophets of peace have failed. The states of Spain and France want nothing else than to oppress the Basque People and that's what they do, be there peace or be there war. 
  8. Repression is efficient only when it goes in line with historical developments; it is powerless when it goes against them. This historical development is nothing but the concrete and dynamic result of the class struggle of the peoples. No police nor repressive system on Earth can stop a growing popular mass conscious of its historical role and duty and indifferent to the repression by the oppressor. 

As I said above I find point #6 particularly important. It is after all the old brainwashing method of Judeo-Christian sado-masochist tradition: blame the victim, punish them even if you don't know why. Just like misogynist who said: when you go home slap your wife: you will not know why, she will. Just like rape victims are blamed for wearing "provocative clothes" or being at the wrong time in the wrong place. Just like a real sado-masochistic relation or a cultist hierarchy is: a slave is brainwashed by means of creating a state of defenselessness and internalized perpetual self-blame.

That's why Jewish and Christian preachers say that there was once an abhorrent original sin, which was nothing but an act of legitimate disobedience and defiance, an act of self-empowering, that is magically transmitted to all believers thereafter just for the fact of being alive. That way the sense of self-blame is imprinted in the mind of the victim (adept) and he or she can be conditioned into blind obedience, accepting punishment (pennance) for the most natural (but outlawed) acts with naturality. 

The slave or adept, the victim of a sado-masochistic relation, is forced this way into a spiral of self-denial and endless effort to satisfy his or her master, be it a person or institution or even imaginary godform. 

Not surprisingly that's exactly how Capitalism and money (another godform) work as well: the person is forced into the belief that having money (which is magically but most unrealistically associated to hard work) is a sign of bourgeois holiness or pride, while not having it is a sign of blame, sin and shame.

We must therefore break radically with this brainwashing, we must also be very much aware of it, because it permeates all social relations as long as they are hierarchical and unequal, exploitative and abusive. We must break altogether with the induced idea of repression being in any way related with our actions: repression is essential to oppression and exploitation, we are just born naked with our intelligence and freedom, but with no sin nor guilt whatsoever. 

Take the red pill, please, your life and all lives are at stake.

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