Wednesday, July 6, 2011

US flotilla captain mistreated by Greek state, which is using war laws. US embassy ignoring them

Vauro Senesi explains in Il Manifesto[it] (translated to Spanish at LINYM), that the captain of the US ship The Audacity of Hope, John Klusmire, is being mistreated and bused by the Greek police state, which has jailed him. 

The laws being used for this highly irregular retention of the ships is designed to be applied only in case of emergency of war. Need not say that neither condition applies but need not say that Papandreou the betrayer cares not abut such details.

But it is not only the Greek state. The home states of all ships and crews involved are ignoring them altogether. Yesterday I mentioned how Spanish activists have occupied the embassy in Athens for that reason: to demand to Madrid to press Greece to let them sail. Senesi explains that in the US case it is even worse: no visit, no legal assistance of any kind is being provided. 

There are many traitors and betrayers in this story: the naked truth of global Zionism is becoming evident. But what can you expect of a state that maybe is the most powerful on Earth but that allowed Israel to sink one of its military ships without any sort of retaliation, not even a formal protest?

Nothing good.

Most of the crew and passage of The Audacity of Hope are of Jewish ethnicity themselves, yet they do dare to challenge Israel, increasing the legitimacy of the anti-Apartheid movement. One of them is a Holocaust survivor aged 87.

French ship Dignité - Al Karama escaped Greek control and will try to reach Gaza on its own.

Update (Jul 7): Chicago protest (source):

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