Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fukushima city "to be decontaminated" - Tokyo outskirts also bad - Seattle (USA) like Tokyo

This is yet another macabre joke on the people of North Japan. What Soviets would have evacuated, Japanese authorities want to keep populated at any cost. When they have not yet contained the flow of radioactivity from Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear power plant, they are already thinking of cleaning up. 

One step at a time: cleaning when radiation keeps arriving every other day with the wind is idiotic. 

Not to mention that the city pretends that it will be citizens who will perform radioactive decontamination in their own homes.

Fukushima had a population of some 290,000 inhabitants before the catastrophe, another city by the south of it, Koriyama is even a bit larger (340,000 citizens). Both are seriously contaminated per citizen measures (organized as the government would hide the information).

Tokyo also badly affected

Test results of soil from Kashiwa, just outside Tokyo, part of the Tokyo Metropolitan area by the narrowest definition (>10% of local citizens commute to central Tokyo), show that nuclear pollution is much higher than acknowledged by the government.

The results of the tests, from sidewalks used by children in their daily travels, show 24,000 Bq/kg of each isotope of radioactive cesium, much higher than the standard limit for radioactive waste disposition of 2000 Bq/kg and even the dangerously high threshold imposed by Japan after the disaster of 8000 Bq/kg. It is barely 1/10 of what is needed to reach the permanent dead zone status (500,000 Bq/kg).

And we are talking Tokyo here, not Fukushima.

Waste plants near Tokyo are accumulating radioactive ash with even greater amounts of radiation.

Seattle is as bad as Tokyo

Washington's blog reports on this. US government hiding data

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