Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Whole Uki brigade surrenders to the Rebels

The Ukranian 72nd Brigade surrendered to the Novorossiya militias, it was reported yesterday, August 4th, after being surrounded between the Rebel forces and the Russian border and running short of ammunition and rations. They were demanded to leave their weapons and hardware and cross to Russia. 

Some pockets of resistance remain among groups of Fascists and Polish mercenaries. The Rebel source suggests that therefore total surrender is unlikely but that the so-called "Southern Cauldron" (between Russia and the area held by the Novorossiya Federation) is anyhow in the last stages of its existence.

Map showing the "Southern Cauldron" and the Antifascist advance

Colonel Cassad says that:
I expect that this group will cease to exist in the course of 2-3 days, following which the Cauldron will shrink in half, and the Militia will start dealing with the remnants of the 24th and the 79th Brigades.

Sources: Global Research, Colonel Cassad's blog[ru]

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