Thursday, December 22, 2016

Millions negated the right to vote in US "democracy"

I often contend that non-proportional electoral systems are extremely anti-democratic and that, of course, electronic vote is almost certainly a scam: the perfect way to rig an election. All that is present in the US so-called "democracy" but it gets even worse: the system is intently chaotic allowing for governors to dramatically limit the ability to vote of people they suspect may support their opponents (in essence more left-leaning options: democrats when republicans but also real lefties when liberal democrats are in control). This particularly affect poorer neighborhoods, minorities, etc., who have to endure an obstacle race in order to exert their most elementary right: the right to vote.

And gets even darker: millions, mostly minorities, are just slashed out of the voting rolls with pretexts. All this is explained in detail in this interview (two parts) with investigative journalist Greg Palast, courtesy of The Real News Network:

Don't panic: that's how the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie actually works, part of it at least. Just please let's not be naive anymore about the supposed quality of US "democracy", let's face reality instead.

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