Thursday, February 25, 2016

9/11: follow the money (excellent documentary)

I watched yesterday this excellent video-documentary by The Corbett Report on the 9/11 money trail, and I can't but strongly recommend it:

For further info on what actually happened in 9/11 (which is not at all what the official version says), you may want to browse Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth or the International Center for 9/11 studies, among other sites (for instance: Voltaire Net has more than 500 articles on the matter, some of which reveal information not available elsewhere).


  1. So you also suggest that 9/11 was all staged?.

    1. Absolutely: the evidence is just massive! Anyhow I've been suspecting since the evening of 9-11-2001, since I noticed that key info items didn't match with the narrative, for example: the alleged leader of the attack, Mohamed Atta, called his father in Egypt to tell him he was alive and well (the father maintained this for a long time, not sure if to this day even); Atta was investigated previously by the reputed German secret service BND, which linked him not to Al Qaeda but to the anti-Taliban fighters (curiously their leader was murdered few days before 9/11); the alleged commandos had a totally "anti-islamic" (secular party-goers) way of life. And a long etcetera. However it is the evidence that has piled up since then what makes for an extremely good case: the narrative of the plane hijacking and in at least some cases destiny is totally impossible (for example: an airliner flying at high speed near the ground at the Pentagon would have disintegrated right away, it was either a planted bomb or a missile); the downgrading of Wahsington D.C. air security in the weeks before the attack, which can't be a coincidence; the controlled demoliton style collapse of the Twin Towers and the operation control center Building 7 (not affected by the "attack"); the impossibility of any such collapse just because the higher levels had been hit and burnt (there are a lot of examples of skyscrapers burning throughly that never collapsed at all). And there's A LOT more info that must be considered and that I just cannot synthesize in a mere comment (browse the links, watch the video). It was, no doubt, an inside job: the most daredevil "Reichstag Fire" staging ever!, very hollywoodian!

      Actually the recent attacks in France follow the same general pattern: with well-acquainted French secret agents in-the-loop.

      The real question for me is not if they are false-flag attacks. They are indeed. But why? The answer is IMO double-edged: (1) to provide pretexts for military intervention in Central Asia and West Asia, Africa even, and (2) to rally the masses in panic in favor of "necessary" totalitarian repressive measures, such as greater police control of everything (Internet, airport security, Guantanamo, legal murder, arbitrary arrests, etc.) and the permanent state of emergency (in effect in the USA to this day, in France also since the Bataclan attack).

      This is an extreme offshoot of policies already active in the Cold War (Gladio network, logia P2, OAS, Zionist false-flag attacks in Palestine, etc.) and IMO aims to: (1) the forge of a true Western Empire, with imperial institutions proper, and (2) the control of West Asia (oil, trade routes) and Central Asia (wedge between Russia, China, India and Iran).


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