Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The 1% owns half of World's wealth

Several recent reports by Oxfam reveal the brutal inequality of our global society (also at local level, although a few states like Finland redistribute a lot via taxes, dissimulating the problem). 

The 1% owns already (projected) half of the so-called wealth. Of course it's just accounts and property deeds that can be disowned democratically at any time: money and property are just social functions, but social functions that allow to accrue real power in terms of media, lobbies, corrupt politicians and private armies of gangsters. 

As you can see in the graph above, almost all of the income is concentrated in the top 10%. I conventionally equalize the top 10% with the bourgeoisie and the lower 90% with the working class and the reality of income seems to support this notion at least to a very large extent. While the figure here is global, the pattern is reproduced all across the globe: some states do redistribute some or even a lot but the overall class structure is not altered, just the benefits associated to belonging to each segment. 

In the USA for example, income inequality has been growing absurdly since 1988, grabbing most of the benefits that are not direct investor profits of the economic growth. It is quite difficult to spot the average salary growth in the following figure, so I'll give you a hint: it's painted in green and it's almost zero.

This lack of growth in salaries is not at all related to "productivity" as is sometimes claimed but just to the the ability of the triumphant bourgeoisie to collect growing surplus value from the work of their slaves employees, seemingly unable to defend themselves (ourselves) from those arbitrary and most painful impositions.

Just 80 individuals control as much wealth as the poorest 50%. 

The names of the top 10 parasites in some key economic sectors are listed. The lead clearly corresponds to those speculating in finance: Warren Buffet (USA), Michael Bloomberg (USA), Carl Icahn (USA), Alaweed Bin Talal Al-Saud (Saudi Arabia), George Soros (USA), Joseph Safra (Brazil), Luis Carlos Sarmiento (Colombia), Mikhail Prokhorov (Russia), Alexei Mordashov (Russia) and Abigail Johnson (USA). 

Quoting Buffet: there is indeed a class war and my class [the bourgeoisie] is winning.

Or better, translating a punk song from the 90s (La Polla):
Ferocious Misery has taken the streets,
Greed is raping Liberty, 
the weak whimper while they are squeezed
their complaints are forgotten.

"We are familiar with the situation
and we're going to solve it soon.
Now I turn around 
and when you leave please close the door".

"What can we do?", asks the majority.
"What can be done if there's no solution.
We don't want to know: there is no exit.
Let's see what say those above".

[Trade Unionist:]
"Keep calm, it's not so serious,
make another effort till the end of the month.
Meanwhile I am happy
suckling from the budget".

"Fuck off and shut up!
That's how life is!
I don't know what you're crying about.
That's how life is!
What the fuck do you want?!
That's how life is!
You're dirtying my carpet!"

"Tough uncivilized nonconformist:
come to our arms, let yourself be tamed.
If you're young and rebel,
Coca-Cola understands you!"
And the rich join forces in the final fight 
as they march singing their 'International',
they pay their tithes to God
and the World is a time bomb!
That's how life is!
That's how life is!
That's how life is:
you can get a cough.

Original Spanish-language track follows:

Time to wake up, guys. Even The Matrix is not what it used to be...

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