Monday, July 6, 2015

The day after the OXI

By now I'm sure all you know the results of yesterday's referendum in Greece: 61% no, 39% yes. You can say it louder but not more clear. 

Even in spite of financial terrorism by the Bankster Mafia that rules our pitiful Europe, the Greek people stood proud and sent a resounding message to all Europe: we must resist the exploiters and oppressors of the European People(s), we must not bow, not falter, not surrender because we are on the right path. 

Congratulations, Greece, for standing proud and defiant. Thank you, Greece, for taking up the first major battle of the European People(s) against the decadent financier capitalism, which looks stronger than it really is. 

Varoufakis resigns

Yanis Varoufakis had announced his resignation if he was forced by the will of the people to sign a bad deal that does not substantially reduce the debt. However what nobody really expected is that he would resign also in the event of a "no" vote.

The logic behind is that other Eurogroup ministers didn't like him, particularly the attitude of the Dutch Finance Minister and President of the informal committee, J. Djisselbloem seems to have been decisive. Mind you that I am of the opinion that it is Djisselbloem the one who should resign for violating the Treaty of Lisbon last saturday, by holding an "Eurogroup meeting" and issuing a communication as such "Eurogroup" after banishing the Greek representative. 

I also demand the cessation of Mario Draghi on grounds of financial terrorism against Europeans. 

Instead I strongly disagree with Varoufakis' resignation because I believe that Europe needs more and not less transparency and that we need of statesmen of the size of the Greek economist and not just a bunch of gray bureaucrats wearing a uniform of suits and ties as sign of their submission to the oligarchs. 

More resignation ripples

Curiously enough, the former leader of the current "Socialist Left" in the Spanish twin party PSOE, and member of its Federal Committee, B. Talegón, has also resigned today as member of the party, in this case over disagreement on how her party has managed the Greek crisis, standing against the Greek People. 

She said that this stand should be cause for the resignation of the leadership of the Spanish social-liberal party because they have shown to be "neither socialists, nor democrats, nor Europeists". She also claimed that the true socialists left the party when there was no more "international solidarity, nor republic, nor democracy, nor dignity" left in it.

Beatriz Talegón became quite popular a couple of years ago when she fiercely criticized in a meeting of the so-called Socialist International, the luxury of the meeting and the distance of most leaders from their respective peoples.

Back to the negotiation?

That's what Tsipras has promised to do and is his mandate. However I do wonder which is the point when the Eurocrats are clearly not showing any repentance but rather getting entrenched. 

In spite of the democratic rejection of the proposed deal, I cannot foresee anything even half-decent coming out from the negotiation table. Surely the only way to go is to unilaterally declare bankruptcy and brave the storm with socialist policies.

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